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Pictures  of bait colors are never quite exactly like the real thing. Bait colors are from both reflection of light and transmission of light through the bait. It is very difficult to get an accurate color on a computer picture of the color from the transmission of light. Also please note that adding salt or floatant to the bait will change the color. It makes it whiter and opaque so more dye is needed to get the color desired and there is little to no color due to transmission which is blocked by the salt or floatant.

You can see the basic colors by going to this link of the Spike It web site: Click Here for Spike It Color Chart

You can see basic colors here also at the M-F site: MF color chart click here

Thanks Doc for the craws! They look fantastic!! You never disappoint with your colors and quality. I can't wait to show them to some bass this spring. B Neuenschwander 3/2/2019

"Irv, Received the senko order today. Just wanted to say spot on perfect! Thank you."  D. Moore, 3/22/2019

Attached is a pic taken today during the Shoals Youth Bassmasters season final tourney and awards picnic. This “sample” group of kids represent 50 youth anglers that received Doc Irv’s sample packs today. Thanks Irv.

Ronnie Mac

I had the good fortune to spend the last week fishing out of my Hobie Outback at Land O Lakes Lodge in Clarendon, Canada. Click here for Land O Lakes Lodge

As usual a great time was had by all who are lucky enough to stay at this great fishing haven. But even better than the fishing, for me, was to meet an up and coming, intelligent, witty, and quite talented young fisherman. Here he is with a very respectable walleye caught on a docirv burnt orange 5.75 inch custom cut tail worm

Baits are sold 12 to a pack unless otherwise noted.

"Doc Irv's baits are awesome! The ability to customize color, salt content, floatant, different scents, glitters, and plastic softness is a huge bonus. His prices are hard to beat too. A lot of bait makers are moving toward fewer baits per pack(6,8,10)...most of Doc's bait are 12 per bag. Will definitely be ordering again." Peter B. 1/8/2018

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The Doc Irv Custom Baits Customer Satisfaction Agreement

If you are not satisfied with the color or texture of your custom made Doc Irv baits just let me know and I will redo it at no cost to you to your satisfaction, because I am not happy unless you are happy

*But if you are one of those people who is never satisfied then I retain the right to be unhappy.

Bait Color Pictures Click Here!!

I am pleased to announce that Ryan Money is my official bait photographer. All bait pictures and color charts should be mostly completed by May 1, 2018. Let me know what you think of his photos..

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Doc Irv,

Received my tube bait order and you're a true artist; great work. I'm looking forward to fishing them, I'm confident they'll produce for me. Best Regards, R. Coffell 1/26/2019

Thanks for the previous baits I have ordered from you. I love them and they are exactly what I was looking for. You have a new repeat customer. D. Miller 12/10/2016

  I received my order this morning. I couldn't be happier. The baits look fantastic. I was experimenting with a couple of the combinations of colors and you nailed it!

B. Neuenschwander, 12/6/2016 


Shad Worm 3.75 Inch

Shad Worm 3.75 Inch

Fished on a drop shot or Texas rigged this little fish catcher is best when fished with soft plastic..


Finesse V Tail Worm 8 Inch

Finesse V Tail Worm 8 Inch

A long slim fish catching worm when the fish are being stubborn. due to the thinness of this bait it..